Your best idea might be the one people laugh at.
Bernadette Jiwa
Award shows, colorful agency offices and great perks are “golden handcuffs”. They keep us following a dream that none of us really had, but instead were told that we should have.
Eric Karjaluto
If you want to break the rules you need to learn them first.
Nubby Twiglet
Don’t listen to anyone, listen to everyone.
Chris Guillebeau
You will make mistakes. We all do. Learn from them, and move on.
David Airey
Stay true to your values. You do better work when you believe in what you do.
Lee Newham
If you believe in your product or have a great idea why not just go for it?
Mark Bloom
When you don’t push through the creative blocks, you let down your soul.
Reese Spykerman
Play to your strengths; be nice to people, and in time you’ll come out on top.
Jessica Hische
The process of imagining what should be there is much more fun than if something was already there.
Derek Sivers
The frustrating, annoying but ultimately amazing thing about a burning passion – is that it refuses to stay quiet forever.
Jonathan Woodward
All the money you make will never buy back your soul.
Blair Thomson
Your passion is what sets you apart from everyone else.
Lea Woodward
Don’t wait for the approval of others to start.
Tara Gentile